Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Bigot tackles drowning moron.

This is the NEWS...sort of....Gillian Duffy famous low level racist and Gordon Brown baiter has this morning tackled increasingly robotic "Liberal" "Democrat" leader Nick Clegg over his membership of the coalition government.  "Look me in the eyes and tell me you are happy with the government cuts" frothed Gillian, 66 whose hobbies include knitting, international Nazi Hunting and draughts.  In reply Nick, aged 44 and former "toast rack" for public school topper wearing toffs replied, "Whoever was in power now, any government would have to take difficult decisions,".   Mrs Duffy responded "That's just the same speech I heard him give an hour earlier on the radio", her eyes bugging out on stalks like a giant alien insect.

This follows a leaked email from Warren Bradley leader of the Lib Dems on Liverpool council in which he calls for Nick to run for the hills from the evils of the coalition.  Apparently Warren is concerned that the Lib Dems might disappear into the ether at the next set of elections never to be seen again.  A very real fear when you consider the views of people like my parents who have spent 20 odd years of their life backing a candidate who promises to "stop the Tories" only to find they are now in government with them, in my dads words "I will never vote Lib Dem again as long as I live".  Even as I write I find it hard to reconcile Nick's position with the some of our hard working well meaning local Councillors who I know and respect.

In local ignorance news, a little birdy tells me that a local resident spotted a "bendy bus" in Penzance Town Centre and nearly had a schizoid embolism, running  to the nearest Penzance Councillor to raise the roof like some enraged Boris Johnson.   Apparently it just wouldn't do to have a bus that bent in the middle in the beautiful high streets of this glorious borough.  Humiliation followed when it turned out that First Bus were just doing repairs on it in Penzance as their Plymouth Depot was a bit busy, and they had no plans to introduce aforementioned bending vehicles to local services.   Speaking of ignorance its been a while since we in Penzance had a good old fashioned moral panic (not since the great fountain debate of 2007),so can I just start the rumour that Wetherspoons have bought the Market House in Penzance as Lloyds have sold it as part of their disposal of 600 branches, its an absolute lie but lets see how long before I get to hear it repeated to me. 

To finish Yuri Gagarin who 50 years ago today became the first human in space.


  1. 'the great fountain debate of 2007' is back, trust me I know, could soon be a flower bed, you read it here first.

  2. Oh god not again....Months of arguing over next to feck all.