Monday, 11 April 2011

P-isa off.

Is it me or is the most irritating thing on the TV at the moment the bloody isa advert from state owned money grabbers the Halifax.  Now the whole thing is just bloody ghastly to watch, some bloke mentions isa's, his gormless female friend plays 1990 hit "Ice Ice Baby" (by poor mans MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice) in some apparently "hilarious" parody of the word Isa and then bops her head like your dad at a disco.  While the smug gits jive away we are all encouraged to run down to the Halifax and help bail out the failed bank by lining their coffers with our cash,.  Its a self congratulating vomit of an ad that makes me sick to my very guts.  And of course we are paying for it.  Click here to have your soul destroyed.

More galling than some silly cow moving her head like a demented meerkat is of course the conclusion of this mornings bank review which in summary states "do what you like lads" and leaves the banking sector pretty much intact guaranteeing some where down the line we are going to have to put our hands in our pockets again.  One of the main recommendations of Sir John Vickers review is create a firewall between retail banking and commercial investment banking, of course this is deeply unrealistic, unworkable and placing trust in companies that cannot be trusted.

Speaking of travesties, it seems that Cornwall Council descent into undemocratic farce continues unabated with the NEWS that portfolio holder for Transport, Blood Letting and Nazi Analogies Cllr G Hicks has ordered the closure of the Council's parking panel.  BBC's blogger Graham Smith reports that this email was received mysteriously in his inbox

Eliot (sic),
Cllr Hicks has asked me to cancel the Panel meeting on Wednesday and to
terminate the Panel.
Can this be done pl. Kate, we need to tell the guy from Looe.
Peter Moore - Local Transport Manager 
The Chairman of the Panel was until its demise Cllr Andrew Wallis from Porthleven who has on occasions voiced some concerns about the current regime.  Any hint of revenge is purely coincidental I am sure.  What really matters to me though is if this is even legal?  Abandoning a panel without democratic mandate would have been just 10 years ago a heinous crime, but since the rise of cabinet government in councils executive powers seem to be the order of the day.  Simply put ordinary Councillors can do nothing about anything, occasionally they are bunged a panel or committee where they talk allot about a subject, the results of which are roundly ignored by the leaders of their authority.

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  1. what's next to be abolished? Right of appeal to anything?