Sunday, 17 April 2011

A picture paints a thousand words.

Badger culling is an emotive subject on one hand we have farmers and livestock owners who avidly advocate throttling the buggers and badger lovers who think they are lovely, cuddly, puddingy sort of creatures who should be left in peace.  Now I tend to gravitate towards the latter, however I have a strong feeling that the owners of the West Briton and their online news facility may disagree with me.  In an article this week Police raise concerns that local farmers might conduct "a big society badger cull" in other words doing it themselves instead of waiting for permission from the government. Despite the hilarious notion of "big society" culling , I nearly hooted out loud when I saw the picture chosen to accompany the article.

Yes, the badger in this picture looks like its running at the screen with the single and binding intention to rip your face off.  You can imagine the screams of horror  from passing farmers as the ferocious beast charge their cattle causing them to catch TB in pure fear.  Clearly the West Briton wants us to think that badgers are dangerous wild animals and not at all fluffy, cuddly or appealing to small children. 

In a Village Idiot exclusive I can now confirm that Badgers as well as being vicious terrible creatures akin to fluffy demons they are also thieves, here in fact is a picture showing a badger nicking a mountain bike.

In unrelated real news, can I thank Penzance Town council for their get well soon card signed by a majority of their staff and a goodly percentage of their Councillors - many thanks folks its nice to feel appreciated.

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