Thursday, 28 April 2011


In moron news, Eton educated plank David Cameron himself as popular as an incontinent dog yesterday by insulting Labour MP Angela Eagle during a fraught Prime Minister's questions.  David, who was squawking on about some irrelevant crap and going all red faced and sweaty for no perceptible reason, turned to Ms Eagle and said "Calm down dear" in a effort to patronise the living shit out of her and show the kids how "street" he is by quoting something off the telly. Equally inane tosser George Osborne then guffawed like a 8 year old, his chins bellowing out from under his smug face like a wobbly, sour milk jelly.   Tory MP's rose to their feet in jubilation as one, "that'll teach her the feminist cow!!" they seemed to be screaming.

Now lets set aside the fact that Dave seems to have lost the ability to know when a joke is appropriate, and lets ignore the obviously sexist tone of his comments and focus on his most grievous sin.  It is never, and I mean never OK to quote Michael Winner.  Michael Winner is famous for making the rather entertaining but deeply flawed Death Wish trilogy, the essential message of which can be summarised as Liberals are stupid and even they would turn to violence if they were a victim of crime.  Shit my daughter has been raped I better grow a moustache go and kill a load of people that have nothing to do with it!!  Mr Winner is also the only man in history to receive an apology on national TV for a comment made about the state of his underpants, clearly showing were his priorities lie.

The real reason I don't like Mike is that he is continually shoving his wealth down your face , "look at me I wiping my arse with a wad of £50 notes", "look, look I have my nads washed every day by nubile dusky maidens", "my god I am so rich I have champers for brekkers every day while the servants look on".   Enough already, I am poor you are rich we get it Mike.

Tomorrow a real news story possibly the hilarious fact that Prince William is his own Fourth Cousin.

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