Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Unfortunate name of the year award.

Its your fault! No, its your fault! I told you so!

Yes, the Penzance Harbour debate swings on with things getting deep down and nasty from some quarters, people slagging off commentators abilities to comment due to the fact they are [gasp!] folk musicians on newspaper forums, Chamber of commerce newsletters with alleged libelous content, online petitions calling for the portfolio holder for OBE insults to resign (click on link to find out more). You get the picture.  As I have officially quit from having a view about local matters such as these as I have no plans to publicly give my damn opinion on the in and outs of Norman Bakers decision, I am trying to avoid a second heart attack for pity's sake.  (Please god don't let this post become a forum thread on whom is the biggest "grumble and grunt" in the town.)

But I will say one thing, our local MP Andrew George seems to have chosen a rather unfortunate name for his working group that he hopes will save the IOS link.

Now I am sure he had a little chuckle when he came up with "coalition of the willing" but it is unfortunately the very same phrase used by mind boggling war monger George W  Bush for his rag tag group of supporters for the illegal Iraq war.  Coalition of the willing to me conjures up the following image, a group of insignificant lap dog poodles suckering up to the boss who are only involved because all the serious players have done a runner, providing token support to a mad man at the helm who has a massive chip on his shoulder about the subject at hand.   

I think on reflection a better name should and could be chosen for this group.

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