Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Good bye meritocracy !

With the news this morning that tosser education minister David Willetts has decided to allow any old sod to buy University places in the UK regardless of ability means effectively meritocracy in the UK is DEAD.  And do you know what the evil twat is dressing this up as? An opportunity for poor kids, apparently paying the full amount of fees is something readily available to people on council estates, "hang on I will just dip into my giro and pay your Oxford fees " honestly the fuck wit.  

Its over for us normals and our kids, now the halls of Universities will be packed with thick rich people that can't even get a good education when its spoon fed to them by the best schools in the country, blokes called Gerald who failed their A Levels because they spent all their time playing the Eton Wall Game and buggering the younger boys.   People whose daddies are have stupendously overpaid jobs or who owns great swathes of Berkshire.  Fools whose mummies spend the entire day ripped to the tits on gin in giant lonely houses contemplating shagging the help and have never, not even once, removed a shitty nappy from the arses of the over privileged offspring.

So what's next then for David Cameron's crappy Britain.

Well my bet is we are about to get a morality crusade, why do I say this I hear you ask?  It is rumoured that Right Wing Tories have been kicking off about fat Dave's broken promises on his commitment to the sacred union of marriage.  Being mean to people who aren't married is cheap, and a good bone to throw the rabid right to keep them from boiling over.  

Standby for a move towards Gay, Lesbian and Transgender bashing, ministers making sly comments about single parents taking council housing and young girls getting pregnant deliberately, underhand introductions to the National Curriculum lauding the benefits of a church of England marriage, Daily Mail headlines screaming about how sick the non-married are etc.

Don't say I didn't warn you !


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