Sunday, 8 May 2011

If Margaret Thatcher gets a state funeral then so should I.

Margaret Thatcher.....wear do I start. Recent speculation about Lady Thatchers health has raised the spectre of her request for a state funeral, undoubtedly the current stinking government will grant this ludicrous request  to the old bag and line the streets with soldiers and flags. So why the fuss from people like me about Thatch and her legacy.

Margaret Thatcher and her cronies were the singly most divisive force in recent "British" history forcing a wedge down the middle of the nation that we have never recovered from.  Her hatred for the culture and politics of working people drove her to destroy whole communities and smash their social institutions, there economics and there hope.

He insane monetary policy in the early days if her reign that of "restricting the money supply" meant literally that we had less money forcing a hideous recession which drove manufacturing out of Britain (I admit it was in a shabby state) leaving service industries and finance left.  The same finance industries that went belly up in 2007/2008, the same industries propped up by Major, Blair and Brown.  Every single school boy economics student can tell you if you have just tertiary industries and no primary or secondary your economy is destined for collapse.  Its like having a car with no wheels or an engine, its just plain common sense.  Thatch also introduced the idea of a debt driven economy an idea that resulted in the extraordinary figure by 2007 of £1 Trillion worth of personal debt (excluding mortgages), unsustainable beyond imagination.

She introduced flat taxation that punished the poor and rewarded the rich.  The 1987 budget was the single most irresponsible act of the late 20th century.  Stoking the most unfair boom ever, which ultimately resulted in a grinding crash that wrecked the hopes of my generation, with the exception of the super talented and well off (which I am certainly not one).   She led a hideous campaign of hatred towards gay and lesbian people, a moral crusade against single parents and anyone who didn't have her morality.The unrestricted sale of council houses led to the collapse of social housing provision in Britain.  Homeless people still struggle to find homes still because they have all disappeared off the register.  I know! I have been homeless.

And lastly the Free Market and Neo-Liberal ideology she trumpeted was a delusional corruption beyond comparison. Real Liberal economics can be a good thing, in fact Keynesian economics is a kind of Liberal ideology.   The sale of national assets in the UK was dressed up in a cloak of popular share ownership when in fact the shares were passed mostly to the super-corporations.  The resulting companies themselves were monopolies based on the idea of profit not competition, there is no real choice, you are just making people rich.  Its like having a street market with one huge stall owned by a single individual and nothing else.  For that very reason, health, education and important public services should not be subject to these market rules.

You can ignore all of the above if you like, you may disagree with me.  Because of that very strong range of feelings that people have about this woman, you must not, cannot, view her as worthy of an honour that is associated the status of National hero. Will you give the same honour to Blair, Major or Brown?  They were "wartime leaders", will you reward Blair's criminality with a parade, Major's ineptitude, Brown's lack of foresight?

In summary if you give Thatch a parade I bloody well want one, I want horses, soldiers, guns, a big buffet, the Queen, and a host of weeping blue rinsed old ladies.  All because I have been just as dislikeable as the old trout herself, I have been just as divisive and horrid as she has.  I am after all human just like she is and my passing should equally as grand.

To finish Spitting Image.


  1. I think There should be a procession of unemployed miners lining the route from Barnsley town hall to one of the pits she closed down, the Hemsworth miners welfare brass band can play 'Always look on the bright side of life' while following a British Leyland herse, 10,000 armed coppers with tasers, CS gas, ASP batons, riot shields, dogs, horses, the lot can maintain order while raking in the overtime just like Orgreave and if the binmen aren't on strike that day everything should go off without a hitch.

  2. Yes let's give Thatcher a state funeral. Let her lie in State so that the millions of us she presided over in the 80s are able to visit the coffin and pay her the respect we have always wanted to give her in person (i.e somewhat less than the respect she showed us).