Sunday, 22 May 2011

Work of Genius

Looking at our private Google search terms would be revealing to say the least.  Mine for example would be a strange mix of politics, humour and PVC fetish websites (I jest of course before my enemies chalk up another thing they can nail me for), all thrown in with egotistical searches about my past "achievements". My wife's searches would be entirely dominated with pictures of amorphous girly Japanese boy band "Arashi" who are literally the least talented tuneless feckers ever to take breath and strangely have some universal "Ant and Decesque" appeal in the land of the rising sun.  (I know that this is an aside but, hell fire these people dominate my life, music in the kitchen. laptops with videos of their every move, screen savers, CDs, T-shirts  aghhh!!).

Revealing indeed then is a twitter account set up by a chap called Norman T.  Norman, cleverly or perhaps cruelly has told his 81 year old father that twitter is in fact Google search, every time his dad seeks information he is broadcasting to the twitterverse.  Over the last few months Norman's old pa has searched for the following.

angry all the time
Harry Truman liar
how many types of omlettes are there?
type of cloud long and gray?
what does e mail cost
cold toes
how do you pronounce juan
what is soy milk?

And many more ...If you like glimpsing into the mind of the elderly (and possibly insane) and you are on twitter I recommend following @oldmansearch.

In more mad old git news Harold Camping's prediction of the rapture unsurprisingly failed to materialise the trump of god was not heard, Evangelicals did not float and the 7 month tribulation is, as it stands not happening. Of course we can all expect more end of the world lunacy on the 21st of December 2012 when the Mayan calender ends and the focus will switch to those of a new age persuasion.

I am actually thinking of starting my own religion, perhaps we could have one of these kind of events once a month.

Bye for now !

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